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Have you ever had to write an About Me page.. let me tell you about pressure! Where do you start? do you try to be funny and witty? Do you just state facts like Born in New Haven, CT. Moved to South Florida at the age of six. married.. blah blah blah.. or do I go the more creative route of.. I Love the color Green.. I love the smell of morning dew or fresh cut grass.. I am inspired by this person and that person.. or do I just welcome you a little into my world.. and just say Hello, Here I am.. this is me, Laurel :) I'm quirky.. I love to laugh, joke, and live life to the fullest. I spend most of my time either behind the camera, or enjoying time with my husband of three years as well as with my friends and family. If you asked my friends and family though what I do, they will tell you EDITING! lol... I am an avid Hockey Fan.. although my team isn't very good right now.. I still support them!! GO PANTHERS!

A special thank you to Devynn Bohn of DB Images for not only capturing these images of me, but for also being an amazing person and mentor along my journey as a photographer. I can' thank you enough for all that you do for me!

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